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2005 - Togo - Country Dialogue Paper


The Boards of Directors approved the last Country Strategy Paper (CSP) on Togo for the 1999-2001 period within the ADF-VIII framework. The Bank Group’s operating strategy targeted the following priority sectors: the social sector (poverty reduction), the transport sector and support for reforms. Within the ADF-VIII framework, two projects were appraised and negotiated, and one study prepared. These operations were not submitted to the Board of Directors since the country has been under sanctions since August 2001 on account of persisting arrears. This Dialogue Paper – the first since the suspension of all disbursements on outstanding loans and moratorium on the approval and signing of new agreements with the Bank – aims at informing the Boards about the economic and social situation in the Republic of Togo from 2000 to 2003, and at proposing for 2004-2005 a strategy for strengthening economic policy dialogue with the Government and actions to promote the resumption of Bank Group operations in the country.

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