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2006 - Portfolio Review Matrix-Checklist of Generic Problems


The last portfolio review conducted in Burkina Faso dates back to 2002. This portfolio review finalised in March 2005 focused on 26 ongoing operations. The 2-point rating awarded Burkina Faso translates a satisfactory performance with a few problems that need to be monitored. Compared to the 2002 review performance which also accounted for an average of 2 points the situation is still stationary with a slight improvement and the number of problem projects falling from 4 to 2. Furthermore, the 2002 review recommended measures whose implementation has been affected by the low capacity of the administrative structures to implement the action plans designed with the Bank to accelerate project implementation. The criteria to monitor are: i) compliance of the general conditions (1.8); ii) goods and services procurement performance; (1.9); and iii) implementation of activities and works (1.7).

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