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2007 AEC - The effects of displacement on the economic development of a community with special reference to the! Xun and the Kwe


In this paper the relationship between poverty and displacement with reference to the !Xun and the Kwe, resettled from the Kalahari in Namibia to Platfontein close to Kimberley in South Africa, is discussed. A case study design was used in the research process. Data was collected by making use of structured questionnaires, non-structured interviews and observations. The economic development data were collected on income, education and health. The data was compared to existing data of the Northern Cape and South Africa. The economic development data of the !Xun and the Kwe indicated that the community is impoverished. The development indicators were also measured against the income datum cut-off measure of less than $1 per day to indicate poverty and it was found that the !Xun and the Kwe’s income is much lower than this measure. Using the Involuntary Risk and Reconstruction model developed by Cernea it became apparent that all eight risks mentioned in the model, that could lead to impoverishment of a community were present amongst the !Xun and the Kwe Intervention is needed to turn around the impoverishment of the !Xun and the Kwe and to prevent the disappearance of this ancient culture.

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