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AEC 2012 - Critical Assessment of the Reflection of African Positions in G20 Decisions - Application of a Methodological Framework


As part of the Global Economic Governance project undertaken by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) in collaboration with the International Development Law Unit at the University of Pretoria, a critical assessment is being made to evaluate how effectively Africa's interests and concerns are directly and indirectly addressed in the G20 processes. The methodology for the critical assessment includes both a quantitative element and a qualitative element. The quantitative dimension looks at the number of times that Africa is referred to explicitly or implicitly in the G20 documents. The qualitative assessment addresses the relevance of the G20 documents to African concerns and interests, the responsiveness of the G20 to these concerns and interests, and the potential impact of the G20 on Africa. The idea is that the critical assessment will be conducted on a year by year basis, so that over time it will be possible to conclude whether Africa’s interests are more or less effectively addressed within the G20 processes. The paper will present the preliminary findings of the first year’s critical assessment for food security and finance and will offer preliminary conclusions on what it means for Africa.

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