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Angola - Institutional and Sustainability Support To Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Service Delivery - P-AO-E00-005 – ESMP Document 2014


The objective of this ESMP is to ensure that the Institutional and Sustainability Support to Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Service Delivery Project (ISSUWSSSD) complies with applicable Angolan environmental and social legal requirements, as well as the Bank’s safeguards policies and procedures. This ESMP outlines proposed mitigation measures for adverse impacts, while proposing enhancement measures for positive impacts and specifies monitoring requirements and consultative and institutional measures in order to prevent, minimize, mitigate or compensate for adverse environmental and social impacts, and also to enhance the project’s beneficial impacts. The project also proposes capacity building requirements to assist the GOA to strengthen its safeguards capacities within the Directorate of Water (DNA). In addition, environmental and social loan conditions or covenants are specified, which will be part of the project loan agreements so that the Bank’s safeguards are satisfactorily met.

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