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Benin - Mono and Couffo Rural Development Support Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)


Although Benin’s agricultural production is diversified and helps to meetthe needsof the people in a normal year, pockets of food insecurity still exist in some areas of the country. Against this backdrop, the Mono Integrated Rural Development Project (PDRIM), designed to secureagricultural production, was implemented from 1991 to 1999 with ADF and European Unionfunding. Overall, the project’sobjectives were achieved, but the use of someoutputs was not optimized. Toattainfood security,preserveand develop natural resources, restructure farmers’organizationsand diversify production and sources of income for people inthe project area,the Government of Benin requested the Bank’s assistance in financing the Mono and Couffo Rural Development Support Project (PADMOC)to consolidate the achievements in Mono and extend them toCouffo. In response, two Bankmissions visited Benin in November1998 and November 2000 to appraisePADMOC.

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