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Burkina Faso - Basic Education and Capacity Building Support Project (Education V) - Project Completion Report


The Poverty Reduction Strategic Framework (PRSF) adopted in 2000 identified education as one of the priority sectors with a significant impact on poverty reduction. In consultation with the technical and financial partners (TFPs), Burkina Faso developed a Ten-year Basic Education Development Plan (PDDEB 2000/2010). Education V Project is in response to a request submitted to the Bank for support for the implementation of PDDEB and the Secondary Education Development Programme. The project is in compliance with the guidelines of ADF IX, particularly the focusing of programmed activities on the following main areas: policy reform, primary education, adult literacy and the promotion of technical education and vocational training. As regards of investment, the project falls within a programme approach and helps to boost the contribution of the other TFPs to the development of education in Burkina Faso. The project is also inconformity with the Millennium Development Goals and the orientations of the Bank’s CSP (2002-2004) for Burkina Faso ,which highlights poverty reduction and human resource development.

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