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Burkina Faso - Decentralized and Participatory Rural Development Project in the Bazega and Kadiogo Provinces (PDRDP-BK) - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The gender approach was consistently used through out the project implementation. This was done through multi-facetted actions: Many women received training(104 women out of the 226 councillors trained) and were involved with the decision-making bodies( CVGT committee members).The youth and women constitute the primary target for income-generating activities (market gardening, small livestock rearing, honey production, rural credit etc...).In the market gardening schemes developed by the project, about 749 women out of a total of 1,801 farmers(representing 41 %) reap benefits from these sites annually through diverse crops such as maize, onion, cabbageetc.In the area of livestock-rearing, 127 women out of a total of 359 producers profit from the genetic improvement. In beekeeping an estimated one hundred women from 12 women’s groups were trained and equipped,each producing on average 500 litres of honey annually. At the current rate of CFAF 2000/litre, it is estimated that this activity generates annual income of CFAF1,000,000 to the beekeeper.

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