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Case Study – June 2018 - Geothermal Energy Powering Kenya’s Future – Menengai Geothermal Field Development Facilitated by Public-Private Partnerships


This case study was financed by the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), and prepared by Jan Van Den Akker from Baastel. A number of people contributed to the preparation of this case study. The author is grateful to Solomon ASFAW from African Development Bank (AfDB) and George Mwenda from Kenya’s Geothermal Development Company (GDC) and their respective teams for sharing their extensive knowledge of years of experience in coordinating this project. The author is also grateful for the valuable contributions provided by Leandro Azevedo (AFDB), Emmanuel Kouadio, Sandra Romboli and Rafael Ben from the CIF. Support from the World Bank’s Science of Delivery team was essential to ensure the final quality of the case study and prepare it for publication. In particular, Sruti Bandyopadhyay provided extensive input and guidance on the case study.

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