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Economic Brief - State of Infrastructure in East Africa


This brief outlines some of the principal ongoing infrastructure challenges facing the East African subregion,1 with a particular focus on water, sanitation, energy, surface transport and ICT. The progress made to date is evaluated in the light of recent studies and new data. The discussion is set against the backdrop of the ongoing Africa Infrastructure Knowledge Program (AIKP); which is a successor program to the African Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (AICD) and is being led by the African Development Bank.

The AIKP adopts a longer-term perspective than the AICD and provides a framework for generating infrastructure knowledge on a more sustainable basis. The Bank will take the leading role in the regular collection and assessment of infrastructure indicators, the production of knowledge products and timely policy analysis of emerging infrastructure trends on the continent to guide future policy and funding decisions. Data are currently being collected and validated and country reports will be generated in 2013. A new consolidated East African Community (EAC) report is scheduled for publication at the end of 2013.

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