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Egypt - ABU QIR 1300 MW THERMAL POWER PLANT - Project Completion Report (PCR) – 12 2014


The project is fully aligned with both the Bank’s CSP for Egypt (2007 –2012), which aimed at supporting infrastructure, including energy, for the overall objective of fostering a private-sector led growth. Government’s development strategy was to support socio-economic development in Egypt by making available reliable and affordable power supply for all the economic sectors and social services throughout the country. Accordingly, the national power utility, EEHC, prepared a power generation expansion plan for 2007 –2011 comprising the construction of nine new thermal power plants, including Abu Qir, fora total capacity of 7000 MW. With a total capacity of 1300 MW, the Abu Qir power plant project represents 18.6% of the targeted capacity increase in that expansion plan

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