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EOI - Consultancy services for the preparation of Expanded Supervision Reports (XSR) – Trade Finance Division (PIFD3), Financial Sector Development Department


The Expanded Supervision Report (XSR) is a standard one-time supervision report undertaken once a project reaches operating maturity or completion. The objective of the XSR is to assess the implementation experience and evaluate the result chain from inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts while drawing lessons to enhance future projects. The assignment involves reviewing project documents, visiting clients to collect information about the performance of the project and subsequently producing a comprehensive report. The assignment will cover among others the followings areas: (i) implementation arrangements for the Project; (ii) Operational and financial performance of the project; (iii) Development impact assessment; (iv) Compliance with transaction eligibility criteria and adherence to the Exclusion List; (v) AfDB’s work quality; (vi) AfDB’s additionally (role and contribution); and (vii) Key issues and lessons learned, including recommendations.

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