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EOI - Junior Consultant - Support the activities of the OM team by providing logistical and technical assistance - SNSP


The Strategy and Operational Policies Department (SNSP), in the Senior Vice Presidency complex of the African Development Bank (hereafter the Bank) is responsible for developing corporate vision and strategic perspectives for the Bank and formulating, revising and providing advice on operational policies and procedures. SNSP works across the institution, helping to ensure strategic and policy focus in decision-making, and improving alignment of resources with strategic priorities.
Consistent with common practice among Major Development Finance Institutions, the Bank has maintained an Operations Manual (OM) since 1993, which was revised in 1999 and 2014.The OM is a compendium of documents that serve as authoritative repositories of information on corporate and organizational structures, principles and values, goals and objectives, strategy and priorities, policies and guidelines, business processes, rules, and procedures, including annotated formats and templates of certain operational documents. The OM also codifies the corporate brand of the Bank Group and is an important tool for assuring quality of its work.
SNSP is responsible for maintaining the operational manual. A team is already in place to review and update the existing manual. SNSP is seeking the services of a Junior Consultant to support the activities of the OM teamby providing logistical and technical assistance.

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