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EOI - Manage the Receipt, Review, and Revision of the Taat Policy Studies - Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department


The broad objective of the assignment is for the consultant to receive, review, and validate reports of the TAAT Policy Studies in 10 countries (Nigeria; Senegal; Uganda; Mauritania; Mozambique; Guinee Conakry; Tanzania; Zambia; Ghana; DRC). The review also includes both the assessment and synthesis of national and regional agricultural development strategy papers and their alignment with the Feed Africa Strategy and the assessment of the Enabling the Business of Agriculture in the RMCs. In addition, the Technical consultant is expected to develop an explicit Bank-specific AVCD policy/approach which will include a common terminology; a consistent set of fundamentals, technical guidelines and toolkit to be used by operations staff. Moreover, He/she is required to develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework to track the outputs, outcomes and impact of AVCD focused interventions;

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