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Equatorial Guinea - Combined Report Country Strategy Paper 2008-2012 and Country Portfolio Performance Review 2012


The Results-Based Country Strategy Paper 2008-2012 (RBCSP) for Equatorial Guinea, was approved in October 2008 to support the Government’s National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES) 2008-2020. The PNDES aims to diversify the economy and transform Equatorial Guinea (REG) into an emerging economy by 2020. To support the PNDES, the RBCSP 2008-2012 is structured in two pillars: Pillar I - Capacity Building, consisting of four public sector projects; and, Pillar II - Creating Conditions for Economic Diversification, consisting of three public sector projects. A total of 230 million UA of ADB loans were earmarked for the RBCSP 2008- 2012, of which less than 50% has been approved with a value of 66 million UA, and 1.5% disbursed.

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