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Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations


The African Development Bank’s (AfDB’s) formal engagement with civil society began with the first AfDB/ NGO consultative meeting, held in Abidjan in 1990. Following that meeting, the Bank developed a policy paper and a set of procedures, mechanisms, and guidelines to orient its cooperation with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The Bank revised the policy in 2000 to reflect its enhanced commitment to this cooperation, focusing on civil society more broadly, rather than just NGOs. A joint committee was established in 2000 to guide and facilitate the Bank’s collaboration with civil society organizations (CSOs). Over the past decade, the AfDB has become more transparent and accountable to its member countries and the broader public, developing and promoting new mechanisms and policies to better identify and integrate the aspirations of African citizens—a vision set out in the Long Terme Strategy 2013- 2022. In March 2010, a CSO Forum held in Tunis resulted in an agreement to enhance cooperation and collaboration between the Bank and the African civil society community, and to update the framework for that engagement. In line with the AfDB’s vision, this Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations (CSO Engagement Framework) is designed to strengthen and sustain the Bank’s engagement with CSOs—an engagement that will enhance the Bank’s programs and policy documents as well as mainstream and broaden the participation of CSOs in managing for development results in Regional Member Countries (RMCs).

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