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Green Bond Newsletter - Issue N°5 - November 2018


The African continent contributes the least to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally but is highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change that threaten its social and economic development. The poorest African countries, especially those in fragile situations, are most affected by climate change. This exacerbates food insecurity, displaces people and threatens livelihoods.

However, the continent also has enormous opportunities to build resilience to climate change and to transition towards low-carbon development.

To address these critical issues, the African Development Bank established the Ten-Year Strategy for 2013–2022 focused on two overarching objectives: (i) to achieve inclusive growth shared by all, and (ii) to support African countries gradually transition to green growth. Additionally, the Bank’s Green Bond program helps the Bank achieve its priority of promoting green growth by financing eligible climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.

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