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Kenya - Mombasa Mariakani Road Upgrading Project - RAP - 11 2014


The Government of Kenya, through the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has proposed to carry out improvements on the Mombasa to Mariakani section of the A109 road. The proposed improvements will include dualling of the sections that are currently single carriageway and constitute constrictions to free traffic flows. The project road traverses an area that is both urban character and highly built-up and with residential neighbourhoods of high and medium density housing; commercial activities and low level industrial activities with conspicuous storage facilities. The second section of the project road traverses an area that is predominantly peri-urban with two trading centres at Mazeras and Mariakani that straddle the project road. . African Development Bank (AfDB) has expressed interest to finance the proposed Road Project. This summary therefore provides highlights on project description; the project location and affected sites; objectives of Resettlement Action Plan; public consultations; legal and institutional framework; social economic survey and PAP census; eligibility criteria; potential impacts and mitigation measures; income restoration program; implementation arrangements; implementation process; RAP implementation activities and schedule; grievance redress mechanism; costs and budget; monitoring and evaluation; and conclusions and recommendations

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