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Lesotho - Lesotho Lowlands Water Supply and Sanitation - ESMP Summary


The government of Lesotho is implementing the Metolong Dam Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (MDWSP), a multi-million donor funded water supply program. The program will provide water to Maseru, the capital city and the neighbouring towns of Teyateyaneng, Roma, Mazenod and Morija. The MDWSP‘s focus is only on town centres. However, there are some populations along the conveyance pipeline route through which the pipes pass. These villages and the neighbouring villages do not benefit from the water from Metolong under the current MDWSP. It is with this view that the government of Lesotho noticed the need to extend the water supply pipeline network to the communities and villages along the Metolong conveyance network, which are all rural in setting.

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