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Liberia - Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Project - ESMP Summary


With 70% of the population in abject poverty, and un-employment rate of 85%, Liberia faces many challenges, among which are poor quality of life and lack of adequate capacity to feed its own population. The Poverty Reduction strategy focuses on, among other things, the revitalization of the Agricultural Sector to enhance food security as well as household incomes. The Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Project was designed to target the rice sub-sector, through rehabilitation of irrigated rice fields in the lowlands. The project will achieve the rehabilitation and construction of 1,620 ha of irrigated rice and have a wide range of environmental implications. It will involve rehabilitation of reservoirs and canals for diversion of water to irrigated fields, land preparation for irrigation, development of drainage systems, application of fertilizers and pesticides, development of 100 km of farm tracks and roads, micro-hydropower generation, construction of warehouses and market structures, mechanization of farming, re-use of agricultural wastes.

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