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Madagascar - Economic Recovery Emergency Programme (PURE) - Completion Report of the project (PCR)


PURE’s development objective was to help restore the State’s capacity to provide priority basic social services and create conditions for sustainable growth to enable Madagascar to gradually emerge from its fragile situation. In order to create the necessary conditions for achieving the above-mentioned development objective, PURE also had the following specific objectives: (i) intensify public resource mobilization, (ii) improve public expenditure quality, through the reduction of oil subsidies and substantial support to priority basic sectors, notably education and health, (iii) support public investment programmes, and (iv) stimulate the private sector,through clearance of identified domestic arrears.This objective was aligned with priority actions defined in the General State Policy (GSP), developed by the Government and validated by the National Assembly in May 2014. This policy’s objective was to direct government interventions and Development Partners’ emergency programmes,up to the preparation of the country’s new medium-term development strategy.This policy focused on 3 themes, namely: (i) enhancement of governance and the rule of law,and institution of equitable justice; (ii) extension of access to quality basic social services;(iii) economic recovery through the establishment of a stable social and political environment,maintenance of macroeconomic stability and restoration of an attractive business climate.

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