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Mali - Education III Project - Completion Report


The Education Project III, the subject of this completion report, is the third Bank-financed intervention in the sector in Mali. Earlier, with the basic education system in a state of chaos throughout the 80s and 90s, resulting in low school enrolment rates (39% in 1996-1997 of which 46.8% for boys compared to 31.4% for girls in the first cycle, and 13.6% in the second cycle (18% for boys as against 9.3% for girls), the Bank had financed two earlier projects approved in April 1985 and May 1993 respectively. This current project is jointly financed by the ADF and the Government at a total cost of UA11.11 million. The ADF would provide UA10.00 million and the government’s contribution would be UA1.11 million.

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