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MALI - PCR - Emergency Governance and Economic Recovery Support Programme


The development objective of the Emergency Governance and Economic Recovery Support Programme (EGERSP),which is based on the achievements of PUARE, is to enable Mali to gradually phase out of its fragility situation. This emergency operation seeks to gradually build Mali’s resilience by improving public management governance (Component1) and by consolidating the economic recovery(Component 2) that was begun under PUARE.The relevance of this development objective lies in the fact that after exiting its political and institutional crisis, Mali was confronted by a two-fold challenge: improving public management governance and consolidating the economic recovery begun after Government implemented the Transition Support Strategy 2013-2014 which rests on two pillars namely:(i) mitigate the impact of the crisis and build the population’s resilience; and (ii) consolidate State stability and the foundations of economic recovery.As part of the international community’s coordinated interventions in Mali to restore State authority, foster economic recovery and help the country totackle its deteriorating social fabric, the Programme wills up port the authorities’ efforts in public management transparency and accountability aimed at restoring the CPIA “governance” score on transparency, accountability and corruption in the public sector to the pre-crisis level,and their desire to revive growth.

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