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Mauritania - National Education System Development Programme Support Project (PNDSE) - Project Completion Report (PCR)


Development challenge addressed by the project –The project deals with poverty reduction through the development of vocational higher education,which meets the requirements of the productive sector. While the agro-pastoral sector accounts for 19% of GDP, there are no appropriate training institutions at the intermediate and higher levels. Generally, the higher education sector faces the following challenges: i) inadequate infrastructure to cope with ever-increasing student population(around 130% between 1985 and 1999: 12,912 students as compared to 5542); ii) weak enrolment in science and technical disciplines: 8% against 62% for legal and economic sciences, 28% for arts and social sciences and 10% for other disciplines; iii) low female enrolment (28%) and especially in technical and vocational disciplines (13.25%).

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