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Morocco - Results-Based Programme for Improving Access to Employment - Appraisal Report


Management hereby submits these proposals and recommendations to grant an UA 70 million ADB loan (equivalent to USD 96.6 million) to the Kingdom of Morocco to finance the Results-Based Programme for Improving Access to Employment (PARAAE). The programme has been designed in accordance with the new Results-Based Financing (RBF) Instrument Guidelines, and used by the Bank for the first time in Morocco. It will contribute to efficient public spending on employment promotion and skills development by developing performance indicators, with a commitment to achieve tangible results. Supported by an independent verification protocol, this operation will also test the RBF in a middle-income country with a level of comfort and assurance that the funds will be properly used. The operation was prepared in response to a request from the Government of Morocco that has already successfully utilised the same instrument with other development partners.

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