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Mozambique - Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction Project - Completion Report


Eradicating poverty in Mozambique has been one of the key Government of Mozambique’s development objectives. While the policy on poverty reduction has been in place since 1995, it was only in 1997 that an operational plan on how to address the need of the most vulnerable groups was developed. The adoption of the National Integrated Program for Social Action was one of the government’s most important blueprints for action. This program was multifaceted and sought to improve the situation of the poor through several means, among which is strengthening the capacity of national institutions whose principal mandate is to fight against poverty. The grant for the Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction project was, therefore, approved in December 1998 and completed in June 2006. The major goal of the project was to strengthen national capacity and human resources to implement and develop programs for poverty reduction in Mozambique.

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