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OPEV’s Independent Assessment of the Quality at Entry of ADF 2005-2009 Operations and Strategies - Management Response


Management welcomes OPEV’s Independent Assessment of the Quality at Entry (QaE) of ADF 2005-2008 Operations and Strategies. While noting the pros and cons of OPEV’s assessment methodology and their possible implications on the robustness of the findings, Management acknowledges that, albeit considerable progress has been made in recent years to strengthen QaE, significant challenges lie ahead. In summary, OPEV’s assessment provides a balanced picture of the QaE of ADF operations and strategies: whereas the QaE of operations improved noticeably during the period under review, the QaE of country strategies remained, on balance, unchanged between 2005 and 2008. Analysis conducted at the level of individual QaE dimensions suggests that some areas have improved while others deteriorated, which provides useful insights to refocus the Bank’s efforts. More specifically, Management will take measures to address shortcomings related to the areas of poverty, gender and social development as well as ‘storyline’ analysis, stakeholder involvement and results-focus. Management also agrees on the need to devote more resources to QaE and to strengthen processes and tools for quality assurance and is committed to take the required actions. The attached Management Action Record provides further details on actions envisaged by Management’s in response to the recommendations of the OPEV repot.

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