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OPEV’s Report-Annual Synthesis of Private Sector Operations Results-Findings and Lessons from 14 Interventions - Management Response


OPEV undertook a synthesis of 14 Private Sector Extended Supervision Reports in 2010, based on XSRs prepared during 2008 – 2010, amounting to UA 274.4 million in commitments. These 14 operations were a « purposive sample » out of 54 PSOs that had been approved during the 1997 – 2005 period.

This first Synthesis report is the final stage of the first step in undertaking PSO post-project selfevaluations which started with the circulation of the «Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines for Private Sector Projects funded by ADB » in 2004, followed by the 2005 Release of the « Evaluation Guidelines for Private Sector Lines of Credit operations ». In 2007, OPSM began to implement XSRs.

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