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Project Brief – Multinational - AFRICINVEST FUND III


AFIII(“Fund”) is the successor Fund to Afric Invest II (AF II) in which the Bank committed EUR 20 mln in 2009. AFIII is proposing an identical investment strategy as AF II: provide growth capital to high potential mid-size companies in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) strategically positioned to become dominant national or regional market leaders. The Fund will build on the milestones of AFI and AFII, investing in the sectors of manufacturing, agribusiness, financial services, energy, healthcare, education and consumer goods in SSA. To align with the growth in the market, the Fund is targeting a capitalization of EUR 200 mln vs. the EUR 142 mln capitalization of Fund II. Ticket size per investment will be between EUR5 and 20 mln for minority to majority shareholdings

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