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Review of 2008 - Annual Evaluation Results


The African Development Bank (“the Bank”) is playing a rapidly growing role in supporting Africa’s social and economic development. Like all development finance institutions, it is continually challenged by its shareholders, clients, and donors to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations: to show results for the resources it deploys, to track the results over time, and to report progress against stated goals and benchmarks. This challenge is heightened now, as available resources are stretched by the financial crisis. Independent evaluation plays an important role in the African Development Bank and other international financial institutions in providing objective, methodical, and credible assessments of performance and results, and in drawing lessons from this work which will contribute to stronger performance and better development outcomes in the future. At the African Development Bank, independent evaluation is carried out by the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV), which undertakes a wide range of evaluation work. Findings and conclusions from recent studies are presented in summary form in this report.

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