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Review of Bank Assistance Effectiveness in the Education Sector (1975-2005) - Approach Paper


This approach paper aims at presenting mainly the background, the rationale, the expected deliverables, and the timeframe for undertaking the review of Bank assistance to the education sector of the Regional Member Countries (RMCs). The Bank started its lending activities in 1967 but it was in 1975 that it started assistance to the education sector when it financed the first education project in Mali. In 1986, the Bank adopted its education sector policy, which was revised in 2000 to better address long-standing as well as new challenges. After 30 years of assistance to the education sector in Regional Member Countries, it has become imperative to take stock and carry out an independent review in order to provide a complete picture of projects/programmes financed by the Bank in terms of quality-at-entry, implementation process, outcome performance and impacts, and to identify future directions for Bank interventions based on the lessons learned from past experience.

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