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Senegal Evaluation Du Programme D`Ajustement Structurel II


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) concerns the SAP II for the 1989-1992 period for which the African Development Fund awarded Loan no. F/SEN/PAS/90/13 for an amount of UA 30.39 million in 1990.

Initially designed to be implemented over the 1989-1992 period, the SAP II finally covered the 1990-1994 period. The slippage on implementation was primarily due to difficulties encountered regarding the fulfillment of certain conditions relating to the second and third tranches. The disturbed social and political context which led to a slackening in the Government’s pursuit of the reforms was another reason for the slippage, especially with regard to civil service reform, the restructuring of the parastatal sector and the privatization of public enterprises, which started timidly towards the end of the programme in 1994.

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