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Senegal-Guinea-Gambia-Guinea Bissau - Natural Resource Development and Management Project /PMVGRN-OMVG - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The Gambia River Basin Development Organization (OMVG) brings together Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and Guinea Bissau. Its mission is to promote the rational management of shared river basins in order to durably tackle the huge environmental and economic challenges facing the four member countries. After developing a baseline case and analyzing the potentials and constraints of the project area, OMVG prepared a master plan of the Kayanga - Geba and Kloliba - Kourubal river basins that was re-updated in 1999. The master plan defined a programme up to 2015 covering the agriculture, water, energy, health, education and natural resource management sectors. The Natural Resource Development Programme has been identified as a priority project. It is also in line with the Bank’s intervention strategy in the member countries,especially for the“cooperation and regional integration”pillar. This project is the first in the sector and project area. Bank activities in the sector include the Regional Project for Sustainable Management of Endemic Livestock (PROGEBE) involving three OMVG member countries:Senegal, Guinea and Gambia.The activities of PROGEBE are complementary to those of PMVGRN-OMVG,since they undoubtedly consolidate its outputs

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