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Somalia - Proposal for a grant of USD 1,000,000 as humanitarian emergency assistance to cyclone and flood victims


From March to May 2018, Somalia has been impacted by two natural disasters: a tropical cyclone “Sagar” in the North and devastating floods in the South causing 62 deaths1 and forcing hundreds of people out of their homes. After two decades of civil war, and four decades of droughts, the humanitarian crisis in Somalia is severe. 5.4 million people (almost half of the total population) are in a humanitarian crisis and 2.7 million are in an emergency state/food crisis (IPC3+)2 . Recent floods have inundated crops and cultivable lands putting an estimated 1 million people in need of emergency food assistance. Lack of access to safe drinking water and destruction of key infrastructure has increased the difficulty of local authorities and development partners to contain the cholera outbreak. Since the outset of these natural disasters, there has been a marked increase in Cholera. A cumulative total of 4,300 cases including 28 deaths have been reported since December 20173 . A global effort has been ongoing since 2015 to avert famine and alleviate suffering. However, funding trends for the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) in 2018 are lower than 2017 and the country is in dire need of funding to respond to the crisis.

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