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South Africa - Eskom power generation & transmission project – ESMP Summary – 11 2015


Eskom Holdings Limited (Eskom) provides energy and related services, including the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity. Eskom currently generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa. The reliable provision of electricity by Eskom is thus critical for industrial development, related employment and sustainable development in South Africa. In order to be able to adequately provide for the growing electricity demand, Eskom have identified various technologies in different locations in South Africa. As part of its capacity expansion programme, Eskom Holdings Limited is constructing a 4800 MW coal-fired power station, named Medupi, in the Lephalale area in the vicinity of the existing Matimba Power Station. A positive Record of Decision (RoD) was received on the 21st of September 2006. The Environmental Management Programme (EMP) pertains to the construction phase of the Medupi Power Station, being constructed on the farm Naauwontkomen 509 LQ (station centre line co-ordinates: X: +2 622 675 and Y: -57 470) with the ash dump potentially on the farm Eenzaamheid 687 LQ.

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