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Tanzania - Bagamoyo sugar infrastructure and sustainable community development (BASIC) programme – ESMF Summary – 11 2015


The agriculture sector is a key driver of social and economic development in Tanzania and possesses a huge potential for fostering broad based growth and poverty reduction in the country. Tanzania Development Vision 2025 (TDV 2025) emphasizes three goals as being national priorities, namely: (i) ensuring basic food security; (ii) improving income levels; and (iii) increasing export earnings. The National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (MKUKUTA II), Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS), the Agricultural Sector Development Plan (ASDP), the Kilimo Kwanza initiative and the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania Initiative (SAGCOT) all call for public-private partnerships and increased commercialisation of agriculture. SAGCOT in particular highlights the need to support smallholders to increase farm productivity and engage in commercial value chain through “participation in outgrower and block farming schemes oriented around nucleus large-scale farms, and through greater access to inputs, extension and more favourable post-harvest marketing opportunities”. The Big Results Now (BRN) initiative identifies maize, rice and sugar as being the three priority crops as they contribute to food security and import substitution.

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