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Tanzania - District agricultural sector investment project - Project Completion Report (PCR) – 02 2015


The development objective of the Project was to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of rural households in the Project area. By targeting low productivity and poor agronomy practices, the Project was consistent with the key challenges identified in the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction (NSGRP), Agricultural and Livestock Policy (1997) and Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS). The implementation approach further strengthened the Government of Tanzania (GoT) decentralisation policy by integrating project operations within LGA structures by focus in gon community rather than government ownership of productive resources.At the sector level, the Project was consistent with 10 out of 149 interventions packages listed in the Agriculture Policy 2013.Project activities were also consistent with the needs of the beneficiaries including technical capacities to improve farm productivity, agricultural technologies to add value to farm produce etc. The Project went through two CSPs and was consistent with CSP 2006-10 identification of economic challenges i.e. low productivity and rural poverty,while in the CSP 2011-2015,the Project contributes to CSP “infrastructural pillar” under which agriculture is among the four priority sectors.

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