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Tanzania - Joint Assistance Strategy - Review of the Harmonization Process in five Countries


Aid to Tanzania is currently at an unprecedented level, more than double its real value in the early 1990s. The AfDB is the 11th largest donor and ranked in the top quarter among all contributors present in Tanzania. This makes the Bank a significant donor, but a relatively small player in terms of overall aid flow to the country which accounted for about 45% of the GoT budget in 2005. With some 45 active donors in Tanzania, many sectors are overcrowded. Government of Tanzania (GoT) and Development Partners (DPs) are currently rationalizing both the number of donors per sector, and the number of sectors per donor through a Tanzania Joint Assistance Strategy (JAST). The JAST is a national medium-term framework for managing development co-operation between the GOT and DPs so as to achieve national development and poverty reduction goals. The Tanzania Country Report reviewed the Harmonization process in Tanzania culminating in the development of the JAST and assessed implications of Bank participation in this process.

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