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Tanzania - Market Infrastructure, Value Addition And Rural Finance (MIVARF) - ESMP Summary


The Government of Tanzania (GoT) has proposed the construction of feeder roads, market centers and storage facilities to improve farmers’ access to markets and increase share of value added of small- and medium-scale producers which will ultimately enhance food security and improve the socio-economic welfare of the farmers and small- and medium- scale producers through increase in household income. This will in turn contribute to the Government’s efforts in reducing poverty and in accelerating economic growth on a sustainable basis in Tanzania. The Programme – Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Programme (MIVARF) is a follow-up to the Bank and IFAD financed Agricultural Marketing Systems Development Programme (AMSDP) which successfully achieved its development objectives in increasing the percentage of all-year passable rural roads and decrease in the number of households located more than 10kms from passable roads; increased volume of goods moved within and out of the focal areas and access of farmers’ produce to markets; and increased price of farmers produce and districts’ revenue collection.

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