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Tanzania - Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility Project (SELF) - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility (SELF) loan amounting to UA8 million was approved by ADF Board of Directors in November 1999. The main objective of the project was to improve the access of the rural poor to financial services. To achieve this objective, the project provided a mix of inputs which included credit fund, capacity building and technical assistance.In spite of the slow implementation in the initial years, SELF achieved its objective and has reached its expected outcomes: (i) Expanded microfinance coverage to 94 out of a total of 127 districts in 19 out of 26 regions of Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar compared to the planned coverage at appraisal of 6 regions and 42 districts; (ii) Deepened outreach of microfinance services to 60,016 clients and created 136,000 jobs instead of the 27,600 clients and 54,000 jobs anticipated at appraisal respectively; (iii) strengthened the capacity of 186 MFIs (76% of them SACCOS) and enhanced the skills of 1,959 MFIs personnel instead of the 30 MFIs planned at appraisal; (iv) Facilitated the graduation of 28.2% of infant MFIs to medium and advanced stage; and (v) Sustained an average 95% repayment rate.

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