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Togo - Institutional Capacity Building Support Project (PARCI) - Project Completion Report (PCR)


The fifteen years of Togo’s socio-political crisis deeply affected the very foundations of its development on several fronts. To remove the institutional and structural constraints and foster the resumption of international financial cooperation, the Government’s programme focused on: (i) resumption of policy dialogue and improved security environment; (ii) public finance stabilisation and financial sector reorganisation; (iii) resumption of structural and sector reforms; and (iv) promotion of good governance and capacity building. In this context, the challenges to be met in building the capacity of the economic and financial management structures included, among others, the formulation and implementation of the poverty reduction programme, capacity building for the budgetary control and monitoring structures, the introduction of an integrated public finance management system, capacity building for the formulation, preparation, implementation and monitoring of economic policies, training in the various areas of competence, technical assistance activities and the enhancement of computer and office automation equipment. In that regard, PARCI unanimously contributed to a qualitative and quantitative improvement of Togo’s economic and financial administration management.

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