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Tunisia - Impacting North Africa - Souk At-tanmia - Promoting Jobs Innovation and Hope - Project Brief Series


In 2011 Tunisia was at the epicenter of a series of protests that toppled longstanding dictatorships and unleashed a wave of change and hope in the Arab world. Highlighting local youth unemployment and regional disparities, the uprising was triggered by the suicide of a young, impoverished street vendor from Sidi Bouzid in central Tunisia. Two years later in the same town, a pilot project from the African Development Bank has helped 26-year-old Tunisian engineer Taieb Nemissi launch his first business venture, a spirulina company offering dietary supplements and animal feed for fish and poultry. Nemissi says his project had been “a stand-by for years.” Today, Souk At-tanmia has helped him realize his dreams.

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