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Tunisie: Electrification Rurale (Electricité IV)


The rural electrification project (Electricity IV), is part of a series of actions launched in I ., 1976 by the Tunisian Government and STEG; on the basis of an agreement between the two parties, the Government included in its successive development prograrnmes (Vth and VIth Plans), as a priority, the integrated electrification of the country. Commissioned to implement part of the energy (electricity and gas) component of the plans, STEG carried out the necessary actions which led to the implementation of the following projects co-financed by the Bank: (1) rural electrification of the governorates of Sfax and Gafsa in the south of Tunisia (1978); (2) rural electrification of the governorates of Gabes, Gafsa, Tozeur, Medenine and Tatouine (1981); (3) urban electrification (1984); (4) rural electricity IV (1989), subject of the present abridged audit performance report; (5) rural electricity V (1993).

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