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Tunisie - Alimentation en eau potable en milieu rural - RAP


The Rural Drinking Water Supply Programme (RDWSP) seeks to provide drinking water to the rural population considered as some of the most deprived and dispersed in twenty Governorates. Phase I of the programme will provide drinking water for 348,000 inhabitants, as well as water for livestock and irrigation of plantations during drought periods. The programme aims to build 318 water supply systems, comprising 161 new systems and 150 systems to be rehabilitated, as well as transfer 7 complex systems to SONEDE 3 transfer axes, and build the capacity of DGGREE and CRDAs. The sanitation component was not included in the programme because of lack of a regulatory and institutional framework for the sub-sector at programme appraisal and the very high cost of autonomous sanitation systems in rural areas considering the resources and capacities of the beneficiaries, for whom drinking water is an absolute priority.

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