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Working Paper 118 - Assessment of the Trade Finance Market in Africa Post-Crisis


A recent survey on the availability of trade finance conducted by the International Chamber of Commerce concluded “it remains difficult to say with any precision whether a significant gap in the provision of trade credit compared with corporate demand remains and, if so, how it can be filled by multi-lateral development banks.” However, surveys conducted of financial institutions active in African trade finance in early 2009 and updated in the first quarter 2010 and again in the third quarter 2010 show that commercial banks believe that access to trade finance remains constrained, hampering economic growth and that the African Development Bank can play an important role stabilizing and catalyzing private financial markets. The following reviews African trade, and trade finance markets, examines the programs other MDBs are implementing and recommends four strategic interventions the African Development Bank should further dimension to support trade finance availability and economic growth in Africa.

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