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Working Paper 131 - Linking Research to Policy: The AfDB as Knowledge Broker


Since 2006, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has been positioning itself as a regional Bank for knowledge and ideas on African development. For the Bank, this will imply more creative use of knowledge products than previously to promote sustainable economic transformation and growth as well as reduce poverty in Africa.

As discussed in the Bank’s Medium Term Strategy Plan 2008-2012 as well as the Bank’s Knowledge Management and Development Strategy 2008-2012 and the Regional Integration Strategy 2009-2012 and the Capacity Development Strategy (2010-2014), the Bank is seeking to become the preferred development partner in Africa. The Bank is uniquely positioned and has the convening power to play a catalytic role in providing policy advice to Regional Member Countries (RMCs) by conducting high quality research and leveraging policy relevant innovative knowledge that are aligned to the Bank’s priority areas of operational policies and programs to generate a deeper understanding of the development challenges facing the continent.

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