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Working Paper 137 - Does Aid Unpredictability Weaken Governance? New Evidence from Developing Countries


International recent initiatives called aid donors community to urgently increase Official Development Assistance flows to allow poor countries to reach the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). In 2007 (the midway through the 15-year-long process of achieving the socalled MDGs), mid-term reviews of these goals stressed that a significant number of countries were way off the expected results and that there was an absolute necessity to bring aid flows to higher levels. Also through international committments like the Paris declaration on aid effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action (recently adopted at the Accra High Level Forum on Aid) donors countries pledged to make aid more effective through a better coordination of donors, a better ownership of by recipient countries, a better alignment of aid interventions with national development strategies, a better results-based management of aid, a better mutual accountability on results achieved.

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