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Working Paper 162 - Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan: Institutional Response to Nigeria’s Development Question


There finally comes 27thJuly 2012, where the level of preparation and strength of performance across countries are to be tested in diverse kinds of sports. Yes, it is ‘London 2012’; the popular Olympic Games involving 205 countries competing for different medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively). As the events unfolded, countries made effort to include their names on the medal table. At the closing ceremony on 12thAugust 2012,it was evident that out of the 205 countries that featured, only about 39 percent of them eventually succeeded in gaining entrance to the medal table. For the African continent, less than 20 percent of the 54 countries that participated in the event made it to the medal table (British Broadcasting Corporation-BBC, 2012). What happened to the rest 126 countries? This may not be necessarily failure to prepare (plan), but it may be traceable to the inadequacy of such preparations. In other words, performance (or outcomes) is a function of planning; formally expressed: performance/outcome=f (preparation/planning). Thus, planning requires adequate framework to effectively deliver its desired outcomes.

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