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Working Paper 170 - Development of Wind Energy in Africa


With over half a billion people on the continent lacking access to electricity, Africa is faced with the challenge of generating more power to meet existing and future demand. For many countries, an opportunity exists to do so in a clean and sustainable manner. The continent is well endowed with renewable energy resources which constitute plausible solutions to address existing power shortages (Table 1.1). Indeed, Africa’s reserves of renewable energy resources are the highest in the world, and the continent has enough renewable energy potential to meet its future energy needs (World Energy Council, 2010). It is estimated that 18 of the top 35 developing countries ranked highest in renewable energy reserves, normalized by annual domestic energy consumption, are located in Africa (Buys et al, 2007). Similarly, at least 8 African countries are among the developing world’s most endowed in terms of wind energy potential.

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