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Working Paper 239 - Concept and measure of inclusive health across countries


Health is a particular pressing issue to address in such developing regions as Sub-Saharan Africa, where drinking water is often scarce if not contaminated, life expectancy at birth was only 58.6 years in 2014, below the World average of 71.5 years, and where the prevalence of maternal mortality ratio was 454 per 100 000 compared to the world average of 169 (World Bank, online). Various models in the literature analyzing the sources of economic growth have shown that health is a major determinant of economic growth (Bloom et al., 2004; Hamoudi and Sachs, 2000; Barro and Sala-i-Martin, 1995), higher household income (D’Intignano and Ulmann, 2003) and the acquisition of human capital (Stuart 2011).

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